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Press Release: December 15, 2016

Highlights of the upcoming “Worldwide Organic Winners” Conference and Trade Show. Mark your calendars for January 26-28, 2017!

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Boonville, Mo. – On January 26-28, 2017, Mid-America Organic Association (MOA) will host its Annual Conference and Trade Show, themed Worldwide Organic Winners". The event will take place at the Sheraton KC Hotel at Crown Center in Kansas City, MO, and the organizers are expecting attendees from Missouri and all surrounding states, as well as some from abroad.

The focus of the Conference will align with MOA’s mission of “inspiring, supporting and empowering through ecological, organic principles”. Speakers will offer presentations on a broad spectrum of topics, including: sustainable and regenerative agriculture, health and nutrient dense foods, the need to preserve crop diversity, reviving Native American culinary plants and traditions, activism and food labeling, grant writing, available organic certifications, etc. A special panel discussion will follow the screening of “Seed: The Untold Story,” a documentary produced by Collective Eye Films.

The Opening Address, “The State of Organics in the U.S.”, will be delivered by Mr. Miles McEvoy, USDA Deputy Administrator who has led the National Organic Program since 2009. The keynote speakers will be Mr. Eliot Coleman, a farmer, acclaimed author and former TV host of “Gardening Naturally”, and Ms. Zen Honeycutt, an international speaker, writer, Founder and Executive Director of “Moms Across America” , a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about genetically-modified foods and related pesticides in food.

Other featured speakers include Sue Baird (NOSB member and MOA Executive Director), Dr. Michael Mc. Neill (PhD in Plant Breeding and Statistical Genetics), Joseph Simcox (Botanical Explorer with expeditions to over 100 countries) and John Kempf (founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture).

MOA continues the tradition of celebrating the region’s and nation’s most talented chefs. A very special guest speaker in 2017 will be Chef Sean Sherman, whose life work has been centered on the preservation and culinary utilization of “pre-reservation” indigenous foods.

His scope of work has generated much interest in the United States and abroad and Chef Sherman is one of the leading figures of today’s culinary world. In the last year alone, his work was featured in over one hundred different publications.

On Thursday, January 26th, the MOA guests will be able to sample an array of exquisite dishes prepared by the region’s star chefs competing in the MOA’s Annual Chef Competition.

Complementing the educational sessions and feasts, MOA provides ample networking opportunities and organizes a dynamic trade show, allowing farmers, processors, retailers, distributors and non-profits to showcase products and programs.

Sue Baird, the MOA Executive Director strongly believes that: “We need to produce and promote both good food and good business. We are pursuing and encouraging business models that serve the interests of individuals, communities and our environment. My experience has taught me that true success comes by combining profit, pride in your work and peace of mind. And it is best achieved when you consider the three coordinates- self, community and nature”.

Registration for the “Worldwide Organic Winners” Conference and Trade Show is now open. Early-bird rates and other special deals are available until December 31, 2016. To reserve your ticket, explore sponsorship or trade show opportunities, please visit MOA’s website:

The MOA event would not be possible without the generosity of our sponsors. Our gratitude goes to: AgMaxx, Inc; Ozark Organics, LLC, Dream Valley Organic Farm (AgriGro), Mid-States Specialty Eggs, Golden Triangle Energy, Missouri Sun Solar, CROPP- Organic Valley, Nature Safe Natural and Organic Fertilizers, MOSA Certified Organic, Morgan County Seeds, Advancing Eco Agriculture, Organic Crop Improvement Association, Organic Valley and Numi Tea.

As we continue to receive contributions, we will recognize our donors on the official MOA website.

We look forward to see you in Kansas City and please spread the news among friends and colleagues!

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Press Release: September 1, 2016

We welcome all interviews and we are always available to provide additional information. Should our staff need to come to your studio for live or recorded programs, please call us in advance and we would be delighted to participate and share our thoughts.

Media representatives are invited to attend and cover any session during the conference, at no charge. However, we ask you to pre-register and reserve your media pass, using the instructions on our website or by contacting us directly.

Mid-America Organic Conference 2017 brings expanded networking opportunities, new certification options and unique plant resources. Registration now open.

Springfield, Mo.–In 2017, Mid-America Organic Association’s Conference (MOA Conference) will be hosted for the first time in Kansas City, MO, at KC Sheraton at Crown Center. We are happy to say that we outgrew our initial venue due to sustained increase in the number of participants and the expansion of our trade show area. Please, mark your calendars for January 26-28, 2017 and join us for a fun, informational and inspirational event, with gourmet food and world acclaimed chefs.  

We are expecting participants primarily from nine states: Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Tennessee, Kansas and Nebraska. However, based on our experience, we are convinced we will receive visitors from many other U.S. states as well foreign countries.

MOA’s priority is to educate and inspire farmers, retailers, consumers and legislators about the benefits of organic foods.  In addition, we are dedicated to the creation of networks that increase the number of organic products available in stores and restaurants but also insure that farmers can be fairly rewarded for their effort and passion. In this sense, we will organize and mediate meetings between producers and buyers, chefs and distributors. Please register in advance for our special networking sessions and tell us more about your products/business.

For gourmands and foodies, the Conference will bring two amazing feasts: the chef competition, which is by now a tradition of the MOA gatherings and a black-tie event with some of the nation’s most acclaimed chefs. We are currently accepting chef applications for both events. 

The MOA has always encouraged farmers and gardeners to obtain organic certifications and we will continue to provide information and guidance in this direction. However, understanding the complexities of obtaining the organic certification, the MOA has made the decision to become a verification agency, beginning in 2017.  Some of the verification programs that MOA will implement include:  Non-GMO and “Transition-To-Organic” certification,” as well as other types of certification.  The MOA 2017 Conference will introduce the concept and process to our attendees.

The 2017 Conference also marks the expansion of the MOA’s trade show area, with the inclusion of additional vendors and a special “Poster session” dedicated to non-profits and start-up businesses. Please visit our website for all information regarding vendor booths:

Another notable evolution for the MOA will be the focus on nutrient rich crops. As the theme of the 2017 Conference suggests- “World-Wide Organic Winners”- we will be featuring a diversity of crops and cultures from around the world.  Nutrition takes the central stage in 2017 at the MOA, and our presenters and panel discussions will approach this topic and the relevance of heirloom varieties. We are looking to select foods with exquisite taste and high nutrition.

We will be organizing a nationwide seed swap (date TBD, please follow our Facebook page and website for details) which will reunite seed savers and talented gardeners from around the United States. Bring your heirloom varieties and share them along with their stories and advice on preparation. The “master of ceremonies” for this first edition of the seed swap will be Botanical Explorer Joseph Simcox, who has spent over thirty years traveling around the globe, to about 110 countries, studying plant diversity and responsible agriculture practices.

As we get closer to the event, we will reveal the names of our presenters. A short preview of some of the featured speakers is available on our MOA Conference website. The MOA promises “living legends” of the organic movement and an array of professionals with challenging perspectives in the areas of health & nutrition, sustainability, landscape design, cuisine, botanical-inspired arts, etc.

Sue Baird, Executive Director of the MOA, says: “organic food and agriculture are themes that transcend professional backgrounds because we all want to eat delicious food, conserve and improve our health and care for our communities and environment.”

Agendas for the conference, updates and registration information are available at:

Early Bird Special discounts are currently available! Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the “World-Wide Organic Winners” Conference and bring your contribution to a better food system!